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Created in 2001 , the Groupe Hôtelier Bataillé « GHB » company is a human-sized firm which, up to now, has developed 2 area of activity :

GHB acts and functions as a hotel organisation, and devotes all its energies to the promotion and the marketing of independant hotels, particularly on the Internet market. Indeed, wiser for an almost 20-year-old experience in tourist and hotel marketing, we bring a real visibility peculiar to each hotel.

As a holding company, GHB markets, manages, exploits and runs directly 6 hotels in Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, Sanary sur Mer, Six-Fours les plages and Hyeres. It is equipped with renowned running software used by the main chartered accountant’s and with high-performance hotel software which allow the a remote checking and supervision of hotels. GHB then intervenes in all the stages of an hotel’s life : market research, audit, renovations , (accountings and social) management, and marketing. Considering the service range that we suggest, GHB has, from now on, the structure to integrate new hotels.

We hope that thanks to the ongoing efforts to make our hotels level, you will spend agreeable stay in our hotels where all our team will be pleased to welcome you.